Questions to Ask While Touring Assisted Living Facilities

Choosing among the many different senior living communities can be difficult. The cost of assisted living can vary quite a bit from one community to another as well as amenities, services and other aspects of the community.

We have gathered up some of the important questions that you should be asking while touring assisted living communities.
  1. Total Cost - Does the total cost that they are quoting you include food, medical supplies, utilities, medical care, phone, cable TV, housekeeping?
  2. Amount of Actual Care - How many hours a week of actual care do you get?
  3. Wheelchair Friendly - Is the place wheelchair friendly with ramps?
  4. Guests - When are guests allowed to visit?
  5. Number of Care Attendents - What is the ratio of personal care attendents to per resident?
  6. Social Worker - Does the community have a social worker?
  7. Smoking - Is smoking allowed?